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    Ken Norelli is a distinguished trial lawyer who has been practicing law for nearly 30 years and has handled thousands of criminal cases.

    Ken Norelli has been practicing law in California and Hawaii, and has tried hundreds of court and jury trials.

Ken Norelli
Orange County Criminal Defense Lawyer


Your situation may require the immediate need to investigate, or to prepare and research pretrial motions for your case.


You may wish to consult with an attorney after an arrest or citation, and prior to the actual filing of a case.  These consultations will not only reassure you that you are taking the proper steps moving forward but also ensure evidence is not lost or destroyed.  It is even possible in some instances early discussions or negotiations may begin.


With a conflict check done immediately, you will be represented by a licensed, veteran attorney that has only your best interests, ethically and honestly, devoted to.

Focused on You
Without Any Reservations

As a highly qualified and experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney who has advocated on behalf of individuals throughout California and Hawaii for nearly 30 years, I know what is at stake in cases involving serious delinquency, dependency, criminal or professional licensing allegations. I have aggressively represented clients in Orange County facing homicide, sex crimes, and drug charges.

I have managed departments throughout Orange County as an attorney supervisor, and practiced in multiple jurisdictions, including as a Special Assistant United States Attorney in Hawaii. I am wholly devoted to helping you secure the results you need to move forward with your life.

Whether you have been arrested, a loved one has been accused of a crime, or you are being investigated by a licensing board, I can help protect your rights in California or Hawaii. which means you will have individual, one-on-one access to a skilled professional who is personally invested in the success of your case.

Criminal Defense

Facing criminal charges is daunting.  But you have the presumption of innocence on your side.  The District Attorney that filed the case may have the facts wrong, selected charges for filing that were excessive, or even downright mistaken for the accurate factual and legal context.  These course corrections may require multiple negotiating sessions with the Court and District Attorneys, the preparation and filing of dispositive motions to negate certain accusations in the pleadings, or may even require a trial by jury of your peers, to correct.  I provide personalized attention and will develop an innovative legal strategy for your specific situation, working toward a favorable outcome on your behalf.

If necessary, we will be ready for your bench trial or jury trial.  Your case will be thoroughly investigated, and all viable Motions will be filed and argued on your behalf.  Your case will be negotiated throughout, in an effort to resolve favorably.  With nearly 3 decades of litigation experience and thousands of cases personally handled and managed in California and Hawaii, rest assured you have a talented ally by your side.

Juvenile Delinquency, Dependency, and Adult Criminal Defense

If your child has been arrested or cited for delinquency conduct under W&I 602, if you or a loved one has been investigated for dependency court conduct under W&I 300, if you have been arrested or cited for Vehicle or Penal Code violations, you will have an experienced veteran to assist you in navigating these systems.  You will be guided by an attorney that has litigated and tried numerous cases within the delinquency and dependency systems and has managed teams of attorneys within the juvenile justice system.

Misdemeanor and Felony representation is an art form, requiring years of practice to properly prepare and issue spots, investigate and strategize a course of action for the defense plan, and execute that plan through legal motion and jury trial work if necessary.  You will be given honest feedback, kept informed of the case progress, and have the strengths of your particular case brought to light and presented.  Although there can never be a guarantee of a successful Verdict, we vow to provide you with a clear, optimum strategy to ensure your best chance of success.

Professional License Defense

In California, if you hold a professional license and are accused of a crime or misconduct, you could be at risk of losing your license. We will work in concert with you to ensure you have the best chances of continuing in your chosen profession.  Doctors, dentists, nurses, psychiatrists, radiologists, pharmacists, and others holding professional licenses, will be zealously represented.

The Professional Representation Every Client Deserves & Needs

Navigating complex legal systems in unfamiliar territories can be stressful and life-changing.  A great attorney must mentor and support their client, be aware of changes in the law, and know their adversaries and judges operating within the system.  Negotiating is dynamic, preparation is ceaseless, and trial work is a constant chess match.  I take the role of attorney, and the representation of every client, very seriously.  Honest, ethical, and diligent is what you are entitled to, so let’s begin to solve these problems.

A little bit about me
and my previous work

Education and Career Highlights

  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics from UCLA.
  • Juris Doctor from Hastings College of the Law.
  • Licensed to practice law in California and Hawaii and in the United States District Courts of Hawaii and Central District of California.
  • Felony Trial Units in Orange County and Kauai, Hawaii; Special Assistant United States Attorney for the Island of Kauai; Supervising Attorney for Dependency, Delinquency and Harbor Justice Center in Orange County.

Previous High Profile Cases

  • People v Donna Prentice (PC 187)
  • People v Daniel Alvarez (PC 187)
  • State of Hawaii v William McCrory (HRS 707-701-Homicide)
  • People v. Jose Peralta (PC 187)
  • People v Daniel Marquez (PC 211-bank robbery)
  • State of Hawaii v Glenn Lampton (manslaughter)
  • State of Hawaii v. Daria Bruce (Fraud)
  • Ellen Hymann v. Title Guaranty (civil fraud)

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